October 2013

With a growing number of employers using direct deposit to pay their employees instead of paper checks (or even rarer, actual cash!), employers need to be aware of restrictions on the use of debit cards for such payments. Since some employees may not have checking accounts, employers may provide them with a “debit card” – usually issued by a local banking institution – to which the employee’s pay is credited on each payroll date. The employee can then use the card like “cash” for any purchases. Continue Reading Tips on Using Payroll Debit Cards

A federal circuit court’s recent ruling provides more evidence of a prevalent employment law trend that has developed in the last few decades. The trend? Candid interactive communication about an employee’s rights and an employer’s responsibilities.

Over the past few decades, attentive employers have seen courts favor those who communicate forthrightly concerns or issues and correspondingly disfavor those who do not. While there are anecdotal exceptions, we have seen this trend in the following: Continue Reading Religious Accommodation Ruling Confirms Employment Law Trend Toward Candid Interactive Discussion