Tim Garrett provided insight on background check best practices as employers seek ways to balance the need to validate applicants’ background and experience with compliance and privacy issues, particularly amid a surge of legislation, litigation and public scrutiny.

Because of this, Tim emphasized that compliance with background check requirements is more critical than ever, especially with the ongoing #MeToo movement. “It’s a fascinating problem because right now with the #MeToo and #TimesUp environment, you may be more likely to be denied employment because of an allegation than a conviction,” noted Tim.

While many employers hire a certified and reputable agency to conduct background checks for them, some decide to do background checks on their own. In this case, questions should only be focused on job-related information and ability to fittingly perform their job functions. However, Tim explained that a single question posed to an applicant’s references could tell the employer all they need to know: “Are they eligible for rehire?”

The full article, “Background Check Best Practices: Balancing the Law with Business Needs,” was published by HR Dive on May 3, 2018, and is available online.