In a short ruling issued Thursday, April 24, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) granted Northwestern University’s request for review of a regional director’s decision that Northwestern football players are primarily employees and therefore can be represented by a union.  Readers will recall the extensive discussion triggered first by a petition for representation filed in late January by CAPA, the College Athletes Players Association.  NLRB Regional Director Peter Ohr later found that the players were primarily employees and scheduled a union representation vote.  The vote is set for today, April 25.

Northwestern was critical of the Regional Director’s findings and filed a petition asking the NLRB for a review (and reversal) of the decision.  The NLRB granted the review.  The NLRB determined that the ruling raised substantial issues that deserved a review by the NLRB.  The vote will still occur.  However, the results of the vote will not be made public until after the NLRB completes its review of the decision.

Stay tuned!