We are excited to share the next installment of our video series, Conducting Workplace Investigations | Step #6: Interview Best Practices. This series, 10 Steps Every Company Should Take When Conducting Workplace Investigations, is intended to guide HR leaders faced with investigating a complaint between coworkers, such as harassment or inappropriate conduct, through the investigation process.

Each video in this series offers practical tips on everything from creating the investigation plan; interviewing relevant parties; and dealing with the aftermath of the investigation, including potential disciplinary actions taken against an employee.

In this video, Bass, Berry & Sims labor and employment attorney Mary Leigh Pirtle outlines best practices to keep in mind when interviewing witnesses during a workplace investigation. These practices include guidance on the tone of the interviews and how to handle confidentiality during the process. Mary Leigh also addresses retaliation concerns and how to best address those for the witnesses of a workplace conflict.

Several attorneys in our Labor & Employment Practice Group are featured in this video series and offer great recommendations for navigating this tricky process.

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